Tuesday 14 February 2017

Picnic At Hanging Rock - 1975

I'm sure Peter Weir's spellbinding 1975 masterpiece, Picnic At Hanging Rock, needs little introduction here. With it's ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere, the film leaves a permanent impression on the viewer, and left me feeling that I had been summoned to participate in a vivid dream. One that didn't begin to fade upon waking..

Repeat viewings result in the same delirium each time, and an ever-growing cult of fascination and mystery continue to follow the film.
The stunning cinematography plays a large part in that effect, but its the deeply haunting soundtrack that we're focusing on here.
The sounds you will hear were kindly provided by friend of The Cottage, 'The Ilk', who edited all the music, effects and snatches of dialogue into an album-length distillation of the film's unique, dreamlike mood. Bruce Smeaton's mellotron-heavy 'original' score (shamelessly ripped off of Hawkwind) mixed in with Gheorghe Zamfir's haunting panflutes and bits of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart make for a surprisingly coherent listening experience.
The brave ones among you may wish to devise a way to listen to it from the summit of a remote hilltop.
The rest might prefer the safety of a securely locked room.


  1. I think you remember the one from haunted bayou voodoo country. Now in the Druid hills. It's been ages since visiting the cottage but what atmosphere you and your mates create. - haunting film, this one. Brilliant.
    -keep a quiet heart as templars approach on horseback...cheers mate. Thank you -d

  2. I came here because I just watched the movie that your profile pic at the top of the page is from for the first time today and I was thrilled to see that you'd uploaded another soundtrack. You soundtracks are seriously one of my favorite things to listen to.

    Thank you!