Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ghost Story (1974) - Custom Soundtrack

Stephen Weeks' masterpiece of British supernatural cinema GHOST STORY disturbs you from every angle imaginable. A constant assault of dreamlike cinematography, a classic haunted house story, sublime casting, and stunning locations make this an unmissable gem. Marrying all these elements is a twisted, eerie musical score from sonic wizard Ron Geesin (famous for his large body of experimental solo work, and an acclaimed collaboration with Pink Floyd on their 1970 album Atom Heart Mother).
For reasons unknown to me, his excellent soundtrack for Ghost Story was never released, so I've attempted to mix together all his music from the film. Once again, some dialogue has inevitably found it's way onto the recording, and as usual, I feel these vocal spectres add to the mood.
So turn out the light, lock the doors, and stoke the fire;
this one will haunt the hell out of you !

320kbps. 31.06 minutes. Download here.