Thursday, 5 July 2012


 If you worship 70's British horror (and lets face it; if you don't you really shouldn't be here), then you'll already be familiar with Norman J. Warren's 1976 masterpiece SATAN'S SLAVE.
With bewitching locations, a truly excellent cast, superb score, and an occult script by Pete Walker favourite and exploitation film legend David McGillivray , you just can't go wrong.
The soundtrack has never had an official release, so I've created a 30 minute mixture of music taken straight from the film.
Perfect for Necromantic rituals, or killing your wife by mistake.
* Dedicated to my fallen friend, J. Matias Aaltonen;
 who would have loved this, but left us far too soon*

320kbps. MP3. Includes custom made artwork.
Download it here.