Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kiss of the Tarantula - 1976 -Custom Soundtrack.

Something extremely disturbing for you here; the incredibly harrowing analogue score for the 1976 drive-in gem: 'Kiss Of The Tarantula'.
The film often receives negative reviews, but who wants to read those? I like the cheap atmosphere, the ultra-sinister soundtrack, and let's face it; the story of a solitary girl who lives in a mortuary, takes fatal revenge on her 'friends', her mother, and her lascivious uncle (by killing them with her pet tarantulas), is always going to be alright with me.
Once again, I put this together directly from the film, and the combination of creepy keyboards, deranged victims death-throes, and pleasant dialogue from the lovely Susan all add up to make a truly nasty audio nightmare.

Disciples of the Cottage will already know the work of composer Phillan Bishop from the electronic madness he created for the classic 'Messiah Of Evil'. Suffice to say, if you haven't heard that already, you are truly missing out.

       Free 320kbps download -including artwork- is here