Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Children Of The Drones


 Here's a compilation I made about three years ago. It consists of spooky, warped, & wigged-out music; and is heavily treated with samples from freaky kids TV shows and off-kilter movies. Took me ages to make it, and a lot of weed.
Download it here.


  1. I like this. Not a lot, but I like it.

    Now THAT'S magic!

  2. Jon Pertwee contacted me through the ouija board to tell you he is not fucking happy!

    He never fucking swears. And he will slit yer cunting throat in yer sleep, you feltch monkey.

    His words not mine.

    I don't know how good/bad this music is because I keep falling asleep due to the powerful anti-psychotics they put me on here.

    The first 2 are alright.

  3. 3 years? What took you so long. Isn't it about time you did another

  4. Don't take any notice of that corvus bloke. It was well worth the wait. Good stuff for a rainy night

  5. Children of the drones is a great mix

  6. really well thought out mix - nice job

  7. Saw this recommended in that music thread on CG, looks like a treat! Glad that there's a non-megaupload alternative.

    Nice blog, love your work, man!

  8. A long overdue thanks for this - a great mix that I play often.


  9. Another overdue thanks. Looking forward to more mixes!