Monday, 27 June 2011

Alice in Wonderland (1966) : Custom Soundtrack

I could begin by bemoaning the lack of an official soundtrack to Jonathan Miller's masterful adaptation of this well-known story; but that's already been said many times. Fortunately, devotees of this unique film have already provided us with some excellent bootleg versions, and anyone wishing to obtain the pieces of music separated into individual tracks should go here or here to download them.
I've decided to create my own version of the soundtrack, adding extra material to extend the running time, and editing the results together into one continuous track.
The ideal accompaniment to a humid evening.

320kbps - 22:34 minutes. DOWNLOAD.


  1. just great, i could have a dozen versions of the soundtrack and still want another!

  2. Love it. Great work and a brilliant listen.

  3. got into this through an old broadcast radio mix. thanks for a full listen!

  4. Firing up my opium pipe and listening right now, magickal.