Monday, 7 May 2012

The Fiend [Beware My Brethren] [1972] Custom Soundtrack

Firstly, I should explain that this film is a big favourite here at the cottage.
British horror has been my lifelong obsession, and The Fiend has a hugely impressive pedigree:
Patrick Magee, Tony Beckley, jaw-dropping misogyny, sinister 1970's atmosphere, and an incredible soundtrack... it really is a dream come true.

Many of the wonderfully twisted British horrors of the 1970's have had their soundtracks released; but not this gem. And so, I present a comprehensive exploration of the sounds, music and dialogue, all mixed together into 39 minutes of unsettling magic.
I make no apology for including Patrick Magee's religious rants, as I could happily listen to him read the telephone directory aloud. His speeches throughout this film are pure gold.
You can look forward to some lovely murders, and confused ramblings from the excellent Tony Beckley.
The songs are also dangerously catchy, so be prepared to have your mind invaded.

320kbps. Stereo. Running Time 38:46. Download it here
This is dedicated to the marvellous Between Channels


  1. Another winner! You have made my day, nay, week. I've got to go and give Mother her injection now ...

  2. I am going to download this now, Will pop back later.

  3. Has this got any Shakin' Stevens on it?

    1. I'm pleased to tell you that Shakey himself played the parts of all the female victims in the film.
      It's his cries of agony that you'll hear on this soundtrack, and his blood-stained breasts that you'll see on the back cover.
      I would therefore recommend this recording to all the Shakin' Stevens fans who frequent this site.

    2. Thanks, I'm his Nan, so it's nice hear that his music is still popular.

      Also, my cat likes this mix.

  4. i so look forward to your soundtracks. keep em coming.

  5. Thank you very much! Rare soundtrack, indeed...