Thursday, 21 March 2013

Planet Of Dinosaurs [1977] Custom Soundtrack

Giant Foes, Starvation, & Basic Communal Challenges.
Dear reader, I know what you're asking yourself: " how could a 1970's LOW budget dinosaur movie find it's way into the Cottage ? "
The answer is because I carefully coaxed it inside, captured it's crazed music, and released the highly dangerous results back into the wild.
The electronic madness of this score has to be heard to be believed (it took me three viewings just to assure myself that all this was really happening), and those who seek out the Triassic roar of the Analogue Synthesizer will not be disappointed.
And I urge you to mix up your most potent narcotic potion, sit down in front of the film itself, and marvel at the truly stunning stop-motion dinosaurs*, atrocious acting, and monolithic trousers.

* the impressive prehistoric creature footage was ripped off a thousand times for various movies, commercials, and specials, mostly without crediting the source of the material (making this a sort of modern-day ONE MILLION B.C. in terms of cannibalized dinosaur footage).

Duration: 28:20.  320kbps mp3 including custom artwork can be downloaded here, or here.


  1. I had to remove my monolithic trousers while listening to this synthesizer abuse. It seemed like the right thing to do

  2. HAIL COTTAGE!!!! !


  3. Scared us all round here, we were hiding behind the airbeds. Another fine custom soundtrack. See what you mean about the Synths.

  4. This is damn good - many thanks. Can I request 'The Haunting of Julia' next? It could only happen here!