Thursday, 31 October 2013

Let's Scare Jessica To Death [1971] - Custom Soundtrack.

Firstly, allow me to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween; I haven't posted much this year as I've been working on The Pseudoscientific World of TOMTIT with mr Unmann-Wittering. Now that project is off the ground, I'm returning to the macabre world of audio disturbance and will begin by dealing with a request.
This particular custom soundtrack was not made by myself, but was crafted by the excellent Ben from Toys & Techniques. I had been asked to make a soundtrack for this one, but instead here's a link to Ben's original post, as he's done a superb job of capturing the music and sounds from the film. However, I couldn't resist making an album cover using the track titles suggested by Jedrific.

The eerie score was composed by Orville Stoeber & Walter Sear and you can download it here. Well worth a listen - especially today !


  1. It's all good. These Custom soundtracks are just the kind of thing that makes the crazy internet worthwhile. Keep doing it.

  2. hello dear, haven't visited in a while and when i did i was just overjoyed to find this. put this on our big back wall round halloween- this film is one of my all time favorites. i am so excited to listen to this. what a gift! the best to you and yours....

  3. dajeeeeeeeeee


  4. Wonderful work!

  5. Have just watched the whole feature film thanks to your recommendation. Very tidy stuff. God bless LSD and its introduction into the Arts.

  6. i feel like since you've put this sndtrck. out, Let's Scare Jessica To Death has entered mass consciousness on a much grander level. Thanks for the effort!

  7. This is just a music rip from the movie that still includes dialogue & background sounds, I have done my own complete version of LSJTD & it has over 50 tracks, all tracks are listed correctly & in order in accordance with the movie, but I am trying to remove the dialogue & background sounds from each track at the moment.

    1. Did you ever complete this work?