Friday, 28 January 2011

Weird Tales For Winter

I was asked to create an eerie audio invocation to compliment
the excellent choice of stories for the second season of Weird Tales For Winter . You will find this (and all other transmissions) here,
and as a full download (with artwork) here.

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  1. This is awesome beyond words. Looking forward to your slot in particular, but that's some pretty wiggy company your keeping. This is better than a handjob from a poltergeist.

  2. got my sneakers laced up with super fat laces for this one bro

  3. steepletone soundz2 February 2011 at 12:41

    Tee hee, i have posted a link to this on facefuck

  4. {{{{o\/o}}}}, thanks for those words, and next time you experience poltergeist activity give me a call; I'll fly over the border armed with an Electric Pentacle and box of man-sized tissues.

    I don't approve of training shoes, 'wee wee winkie', but I hope you're feeling comfortable.

    & 'steepletone soundz': I know who you are, and you know my dislike for that site you alluded to. This makes us even sir !

  5. hi.. i really loved your mix...
    i'm doing this site/label with a friend called six ton armor, we host psych mixes.. would love to have you featured on there.. have a look ( and hit me at if you feel like.. thanks!

  6. This is feckin' awesome, such an attention to detail, must have taken ages to mix. Scarily, I'm old enough to remember some of these clips being aired on TV (home from primary school for dinner in front of Crown Court, Heinz beans and sausage never tasted so strange). Looking forward to listening to your other DL's too.
    I'm looking forward to anything similar you do that pops up in the future too (gush gush).

  7. Thank you Stensil Head (your cheque is in the post).

    Lots more planned for this year, and even more unplanned.
    I'm working on something filthy/ exotic at the moment.

  8. Ha ha, thanks, i could do with a few bob. Oooh, Filthy Exotica, come back Diana Dors, all is!!

  9. Aw this is amazing, loving the freaky sounds.

    One thing though, what was the verdict on the witch trial in Crown Court???

    That programme used to bore the bollocks off me as a kid, now I've heard those clips I haven't wanted to watch something so much in my life, especiall;y if she's one of them saucy looking seventies witches with black hair and big bosoms and all posh and that