Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last House on Dead End Street - Custom Soundtrack

Here's my custom soundtrack for the legendary 1972 film
Finally released in 1977, this catalogue of unpleasantness spent many years 'lost', and I still recall the thrill when I got my hands on a 10th generation copy back in the VHS trading days (RIP). The film has since been released on a couple of DVD labels, each boasting a superb variety of extras and information. Director Roger Watkins only made himself known 11 years ago, ending nearly 30 years of speculation about who actually directed the film.
I could carry on with this subject, but anyone who wants to know more about the film should read this comprehensive series of articles from the excellent HEADPRESS magazine.
As for the soundtrack; fans of the KPM series of library records, may recognize a few pieces of music from 'KPM 1103 - Eric Peters - Electromusic (1972)'. The tracks "Occult" and "Pulse of Terror" were both used to great effect, and are included on my soundtrack sourced straight from the film - complete with a variety of harrowing background noises/ screams/ murders etc..

I must advise those of a nervous disposition to either stay away from this completely, or to listen to it with the lights on and the door locked.
You have been warned...

320kbps. 27:33 minutes. Download from here.


  1. Really Excellent. Just the thing for a Sunday morning.

  2. Thanks Keith, glad you like it.
    I passed on a copy to my local Sunday school, to see if they would be interested in playing it for the children. I'm still waiting for a reply..

  3. Fantastic. Thank you for this!!!