Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Day.. May Day..

Coming Soon..
A custom soundtrack is ready for one of my perennial favourites.
I just need to clean up all the mess first, then work out where to hide some of the larger victims.
Once that's all taken care of I'll share it with you degenerates. 


  1. This will be amazing. As a bonus track, could you do the squonking / plonking jazz of Nigel Kneale's Buddyboy?

    Martin Shaw

  2. Of course, my friend. It's always a pleasure to take requests from Martin Shaw, however unsavory or illegal they may be.

    Apologies for the delay with the custom soundtrack. I recall celebrating May Day and next time I looked at the clock 5 weeks had passed.
    But as I always say: "if I can't remember it, then it never happened".