Friday, 10 July 2015

House On Straw Hill - Custom Soundtrack

I've taken my time with this one, as I wanted to do justice to this 1976 British classic. The film contains my most favourite obsessions:

Linda Hayden
Horror in the English Countryside
Private madness in an isolated house

Apart from Linda Hayden, the above list perfectly describes my own cottage, and ritualistically watching Exposé every summer has been a tradition since as long as I can remember. Heavy on rural atmosphere, with lashings of derangement and twisted sex; it's excellent.
The soundtrack was composed by Steve Gray (1944–2008), and I've been mindful not to adjust the jarring volume changes during Udo Kier's multiple freak-outs.

That's enough from me. If you'd like to read more about the film, then my creepy colleague over at Island Of Terror has written this...
If anybody wants me, I'll be lying next to a badly mutilated Karl Howman in the back field.

38 minutes 59 seconds. 320kbps. Free download.


  1. Nice one, been looking forward to this since early May - can't wait to get stuck in over this weekend, thanks Fearlono.

    1. You are most welcome, Eamonn. Apologies for the ridiculous delay in getting this finished.
      Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Gonna download now and put it on the iPod and head out to the garden for a listen with a drink or two. Headphones on of course.

    1. Sounds perfect, Keith. Cheers.
      Without the headphones it's likely the police would arrive in under ten minutes.

  3. Glad I had the headphones on. Will have another listen when working nxt week. I spend most of my day alone so can listen without headphones. Perhaps keep it playing when I answer the phone : )

  4. Dave from voodoo country moved east to Druid hills22 July 2015 at 17:03

    Woah. These sounds will be just right and bent and brooding. All at the same time. Always enjoyed your work, mate. Sounds for the visuals. Thanks from a lost friend who once haunted the bayous... Cheers. My best to the cottage

    1. Never a lost friend. Great to hear from you, Dave; I trust your heady incantations are as strong as ever?
      May your army of blind dead killers rise once more by your command, spreading destruction and fear in their wake.
      Best wishes my friend.

  5. Lovely!, Thank you for your time spent on all these rips. Great work!
    here are some more
    and all links are updated